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A Notebook & Coffee

Where ideas start, conversations happen and friends meet.

Designing the Website.​..

May 12, 2021

Hazelnut coffee. Website design. It's been a good day.

My Baby is A Grown Man...                                   May 13, 2021

 So, yeah. My baby child:  the one that made me a Mom, the one that started it all. Yeah, he's a grown man.

He's 37 years old today. 

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Our Final Resting Place

May 15, 2021

      So, here I go again with a blog. Hopefully this is our final resting place. I have got so many things going on in my head, it's amazing I have come this far. 

         Ok. So the 3rd book is out. So excited about that! And the new website. Still learning the ropes with it but so far so good.

Can't figure out how ya'll can comment on my posts and that has me befuddled. Yes, that's a word. But ya can always message me on Facebook until I figure it out.

           So, yeah, feel free to look around, buy some books, follow me on social media (links below), sign up for email updates and seriously I will not cram your mailbox full of crap. Until I figure things out you probably won't get anything and then maybe once a month for a contest or something. Seriously.

             That's all I have for now. Next post will be random pondering about nothing, like they usually are. My favorite.

Until Next Time


UPDATE: Comments can't be added to website at this time. 

So, I think I've managed a solution...still in it's baby phase. There will be a future blog post about it.

Where I Think Outloud

May 17, 2021

What's Next?

This picture reminds me how my stories begin. I know it's a flower. I don't know where it came from or what kind of flower it is. There isn't color or definition. There isn't a where or why.

Sometimes, the flower morphs into something completely different, or sometimes it becomes crystal clear, it's a red rose.

I never truly k now where the story will take me. There are times I know what is going to happen eventually but there are times that I don't.

When people ask "what's your book about?" I struggle in what to say. 

My friend always gets a heads up about what is happening or going to happen...

A week later I may have to break the news to her that it didn't work out and none of that happened.

She has a hard time erasing it from her mind. She NEVER knows what the book is really about. I tell her that's a good thing as then she can read it and not know what's going to happen.

That is as it should be.

May 18, 2021




Oh, what a sweet phrase that is. When I wrote that at the end of Just Sippy, tears immediately appeared and I cried.

Cried at the accomplishment, of course, I DID IT! 

But then crying about Sippy being gone. She was finished. I wouldn't talk about her in the same way.

It was bittersweet.

With the last two, THE END meant something a bit different. While it will always be that moment of accomplishment, that RUSH.

Then there is also that, "Now What?"

I struggle with that. I have to market and I am horrible at that. I have to write a synopsis to intrigue people but don't give too much info. I am not good at that either. 

Just put it out there and hope for the best.

I always hope the best will befall me. I hope the stories are good. I have a hard time knowing if they are or not. 

I know what happens.


Since I published the last two books myself, I am my own editor. I have to make sure t's are crossed and i's are dotted but I also have to make sure formatting is correct and that the text makes sense and is in the correct tense throughout the book.

I have to make sure I stay in first person or third person which is much more difficult for me.

A lot transpires as I search for misused verbs and passive voice. As I search for dangling participles, made up words, and run-on sentences.

And what I've figured out is I like all those things to be in there. That's how I write and while English teachers across America cringe at every incomplete sentence, I find it to be dramatic and niche-y. LOL!

I just give the characters in my head a place to go and a life to live. 

And sometimes they already have a plan.

I'm just the driver.


You would think so, wouldn't you? That starving writer concept is a real thing. I've said that before but it really is.

While, the royality is very good, a person has to sell an unheard of amount of books to enjoy that royality.

There are costs involved in marketing your own book.

There are author copies I have to purchase as "calling cards" so to speak. Ones I can just hand out and then ask for an honest review.

Facebook ads that will show my posts beyond my friend list. And while my page is still blasting it all over, Facebook is blasting it for me, too. I get paid as people click. 

But am I paid enough to balance out if they don't buy a book?

It's difficult to tell at first. But, it's a challenge and I love it. And soon, I'll be back to writing another one and I get to start all over.

And feel that rush all over again.




T​he Hardest Part...

May 19. 2021

       Being a writer, people ask, how do you decide what to write, where did you get your idea, how do you know what is going to happen.

      Truthfully, I don't have the answers to those questions. I usually have a character pop into my mind. And they build their own personality before I ever write anything. 

    Then a first line will pop in my head and I usually write it down immediately and it goes from there. 

     A lot happens as I write it and a lot changes as I write it.

But none of that is the hardest part.

     Adjusting a time line, especially if it involves music, movies or books, which it usually does...or two different era's which it often does, is difficult. 

But it's not the hardest part.

      Designing the cover and hoping it depicts the story but also provokes interest is really hard.

But it's not the hardest part.

     Writing the synopsis on the cover to lure people in and make them want to read it is grueling. I write them over and over. It's very difficult.

But it's not the hardest part.

     The hardest part is waiting. Waiting while the books are shipped to the reader and then waiting for the reader ample time to read it. Waiting to hear their opinion of the story. Will they like it? Are they reading it? What if they hate it? I hope they review it on Amazon. Should I tell them to review on Amazon? Did they like it? I wonder if they read other books of mine? They should read Just Sippy. Or Jake. They should have read Until I Met Jake first. It's a funny one. Maybe. What if Jake isn't funny like I think it is. That would be terrible since I tell people it's funny. I think Bengay & Blackberry Brandy  is funny, too. What if it's not? Oh Lord....


THIS is the hardest part!

Until Next Time

Dream BIG!!


For example there is this  pile of money. 

I would love to have that.

 I think I'd buy some flowers for my new pots or get my hair cut & highlighted. 

Or I could send some books out. 

Thoughts, feelings, ideas. Same?

fun with joe

May 30,2021

      For those who don't know, Joe is my brother. And my bestie. And he is the sweetest man on the planet.

     He has had to work harder than anyone I know to get where he is today. He had some rough times but he kept on fighting and working toward his end result.

      He is an independent man, working a job he loves and living in an apartment with his companion, a cat he named Mrs. Goldberg. And yes, Goldberg, as in Bill Goldberg. 

     He is a sports guru, a checker champion, a coffee hound, and a collector of famous autographs. 

     He plays basketball for the Midwest Magic basketball team who are undefeated in their annual game with the local police department. He is also a member of the Southeast Iowa Special Olympic team.

     He has a DVD collection of every scary movie he can find and a music collection of hits of the 70's.

     Every year my best friend, Nancy joins Joe and I on vacation wherever he plays in his National Checker Tournament. We try to make it amazing. 

    Joe gets to do something each year he never thought he would/could do. For example he has rode a horse, he got his fortune told in Vegas, went to Hooters and one year, he even DROVE MY CAR!!! 

    He's been talking about zip-lining....stay tuned. I may need resuscitated. LOL

      We've done  "8 States in 8 Days" or we go see the most outrageous things on our way, like the largest bottle of ketchup or the biggest tennis shoe. 

      We went on a scavenger hunt in Iowa last year and that was a ton of fun. Still need to find Iowa's best cup of coffee. Any suggestions?

       We've been to Vegas twice where once we crashed a wedding and as far south as New Orleans, stayed 2 hours & headed out again. New Orleans was our goal and we aren't quitters. HA HA.

        This year we go to Tulsa Oklahoma. We're open for suggestions on what to do this year. 

       Let us know what's in Tulsa!

       Below are some photos of our past adventures.


June 2, 2021

It happens. It happens to everyone at some point. Just shake it off. 

I never write if I'm feeling blah. It comes out in your writing. I usually do something non-work that gives me joy.

Read, watch a comedy on Netflix, binge FRIENDS, or nap with full intent of sleeping until whenever.

Sometimes I plant a new seed and nurse it to growth, do a crossword puzzle, eat ice cream.

And sometimes, I do absolutely nothing!

With full intent.

That's very important. Give yourself the ability to do it. Say it's ok.

Eat cereal for supper, have popcorn, drink a pop, have a popsicle, or take yourself to a drive thru for dinner.

Find your happy and do it. NO EXCUSES!

You won't be blah for long.

My happy can be a waterfall in the woods or it can be the love seen in a man's eyes when he looks at his wife of 50 years

It can be the love of two best friends who are also brothers.

 Or it can be the love a mother has for her children and their adoration they feel for her.

All of these things bring me happiness. 

Find your happy and surround yourself with it.

relationship goals

best friend goals​




May 20, 2021

 Thoughts. Feelings. Ideas. 

Are these different? Or the same? If I have a thought about something, isn't that a feeling? Or if I have a thought, isn't that an idea?

There is so much that travels in my head sometimes, thinking is all I ever get done. I will literally stop any productiveness and just think. If I don't write it down, I'm normally pretty much in the dark about what I was thinking about. HA! But when I do, it's like feelings or ideas that are in my head, right?

I've told the kids I want a little recorder to talk into. They showed me my phone will do that but I rarely remember. I rarely remember much of anything. My memory is wrecked.

My dad said his memory was also wrecked. He carried a little spiral notebook in the front pocket of his shirt. He would often grab it and scribble something only he understood into it. I have done that but then even I can't decipher what I wrote. I wonder if he struggled with that? I never thought to ask.

He also always had a regular spiral notebook that he was writing the current masterpiece in.  And then, he'd write notes. We never have found the one about baseball that Jim was gonna finish and then that I was ultimately supposed to finish when Jim passed.

But, dad always had the notebook. I usually always have a notebook as well.. And dad always had coffee as I always have coffee. 

May 23, 2021

That is where ideas happen. It's where I start writing the newest and greatest or I may even start a blog post at the table, over a notebook and coffee.

Some of the best conversations of my life have occurred over a notebook and coffee.

That's why the blog is called A Notebook & Coffee. I know you die hard fans probably remember that from the beginning. And while I've got your attention, Thanks for hanging around. Waiting for me to get it together. Sorry it took so long.

So, I put that all in here in case any newbies didn't think to ask, "Where's a notebook & coffee come from?

May 27, 2021

But, it's not just a name. It's not just a blog. It's where I hang out with my kids. My friends. My grandkids. My life insurance guy. Yes, I have a life insurance guy.

It's where my dad hung out in the garage. It's where all my brothers friends would start in their visit to their house. They rarely made it past the "grab a beer, Sit down." to make it inside. Until they had to pee. Then they'd go inside and say hi to mom.

They hang out and listen to music or the baseball game. Dad had it mapped out on the garage floor where the acoustics were the best. He outlined his feet where he stood to mark the spot.

I think his chair sat very close to those footprints.

While Dad's memory failed him in so many ways, there were areas that were completely unaffected. His ability to remember baseball players and iconic plays they made in whatever game he was at in his mind, where he could smell the stale beer and virtually see the scoreboard, noting the inning and the score. He could remember games from his past that made an imprint so vivid I could watch it with him in my mind as he recreated it with his words.

And music. Oh, he knew music. Who. When. All of it. My daughter has that talent. She knows her music. Who. What Songs. And she's probably close to When.

I can remember Who. I'm pretty good at who, although lately I have been failing. My memory is wrecked. Little things. Big things. And even things I remember, I second guess myself, like "Did I dream that or did I really do that?"

And it's not normal forgetting, like "oh it's right there, right on the tip of my tongue." No, it's like "seriously, what the hell is a tongue. That is the weirdest word. Is that really a thing"

Okay, that might be kind of way out there but not really. It's kinda like that...I just can't remember a "for instance". Go figure.

My kids tell me stuff all the time and then they'll say, remember that? And nope, I won't have a clue. It's frightening. I just hope if I go all Alzheimer's, I'm a funny little person. I don't wanna be that mean [email protected] one that won't shut up.

I want to be the cute and funny one.

If I end up in a home, somebody better sneak in some booze!! Seriously!

And cigarettes. And medical marij--well, maybe not that. Maybe.

But oh, heck yes, on the booze and cigarettes.

Joe and I said we are gonna go to the nursing home together and raise all kinds of hell.  We can start escaping. We'll go to the bar somewhere and we'll be well known and they'll serve us and then charge whichever kid has to come find us. Oh, those will be the days.

Actually, I can't wait til I'm eighty something. 90- something. I want to be that little old lady who doesn't care that she's wrinkled. The little woman who might be a little overweight but not horrible. But she doesn't care just the same. The rock & roll listening, dancing my way through life, little woman who pretends to crochet when they are looking but chugging my flask when they're not. HA! And I'll get me a 90-something little man and we'll be the cutest couple anybody has ever seen. We won't care about anything but each other.

And we'll sneak out and go to the bar, and Joe will order a coffee and I'll take out my notebook and we'll hangout over a notebook and coffee and talk about baseball because, like Dad, Joe remembers every player and the iconic plays they made in whatever game he's thinking about in his mind; where he can smell stale beer and virtually see the scoreboard, noting the inning and the score. And I'll listen as he recreates the games from his past that made an imprint so vivid, I'll watch it with him in my mind.

Thoughts. Feelings. Ideas.

I think they're the same.

Until Next Time

Dream Big!


Where there is kindness, there will always be love.


JUNE 4, 2021


We are finally LIVE!



and the WINNER IS...


Congrats, KellY!

You've won a $25 gift card of your choice! 

Message us and we'll get your details. 

What Do You Do Now?

Just browse around. Read the stuff. Nothing is more important than the next. 

Well, except the THE BOOKS page, especially if you have yet to get your own copy. 

(Sorry. I have to put those little sales plugs in or my boss gets mad 

and I really don't like it when I'm mad. 

It interferes with my happy.)

But yeah...

        there's the first page...just a little intro. A little encouragement and what my intent here is. It's not just to sell books. I will have posts about life, love, money; having it and not having it, growing old, staying young, medical issues, hypochondria vs. real problems, some will be funny, some will not.

I am still working on enabling comments. I'm just not sure how that works. 

I may have to call my IT guy:

My PR team and my IT guy are the nuts & bolts around here.  

Without them my conglomerate would crumble!

Ok, so that about covers it. Click on some buttons. See where they take you. Have fun. And, if you want to comment, ask a question, or need anything you can message me at the Facebook for A Notebook & Coffee or fill out the FAN form on the ABOUT PAGE.

Your email is NOT required to submit your name as a FAN.



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Reflection of Myself

June 24, 2021

Talking with my sister, as she picks my brain and I pick hers, she challenges me to pick my own.  To face the past and all it's trauma, even if some think fabricated in my mind like a wild story that I believe to be true. That can mess with your mind a bit. I have been writing books in my head my whole life.  So, maybe it is...or maybe it could be. But then what? 

The that a true story? I was asked that often with Just Sippy

Well, no. 

Are there parts of me in there? Sure.

Are there funny side stories that really happened but perhaps not to me? Absolutely. 

But the same could be said for Until I Met Jake and Bengay & Blackberry Brandy

There is a lot of me in all of them. And there is a lot of truth. 

The aura, the feelings, the locations, the people. 

Each character I write has an element of a real person to them. 

But that doesn't mean a protagonist in the story is the same in real life. 

They could be the antagonist and vise versa. Or they could be the hero.

Who's the hero in your life? Do you ever write about them? Try it. Could make a great story.

Until next time


August 25, 2021


How did I ever work outside the home? How did I find the time to physically be in another place. As I sit and ponder all the things I need to accomplish, I just don't know how I got anything done. 

I think I need to organize it into days of the week. Monday is for blogging, Tuesday is book promoting, Wednesday is research, Thursday is for jewelry making, Friday is anything not finished. I think I will give that a good try next week. So, for now I will tie up this week's loose ends. 

So, I guess we've determined I am an organizing disaster. I have spent a lot of time pondering though and am the master of  

"I will do that tomorrow."

And that is  when I will finish writing this. Or I may scrap the whole thing for a piece on contests. Are they worth the anguish of the wait...

Until Nest Time.